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If you haven't heard yet, the cast and crew of Heroes has gotten together to produce Heroes For Autism, an April 19th event in LA melding music with photography, with a Heroes leaning, to support Autism Speaks.

This is the sort of thing that fans everywhere can get on board with. Maybe you cannot be there, maybe you cannot give a donation, but there's still a lot that you can do to help out.

One thing in particular that will really help spread the word online is the use of art and video. So I'm looking for vidders and fan artists. Whatever kind of artistic creation you want to make is wonderful.

I've checked with HFA and they say you are welcome to even incorporate any of the artists works into your work as long as it is kept online and as long as the art is used to advertise the event. They would really love if you can incorporate the event logo into the piece, though! There is also the Autism Speaks logo, too.

I would really, really love to see some fan videos come out, but please do what you're good at. When you've made the art, please post it here, and feel free to spread the word about it on your Twitter, blog, YT account, MySpace, Facebook, anywhere that you interact with people.

Let's try to get all of the Heroes fans involved in this as we possibly can! :D
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21 November 2007 @ 04:38 pm
Well, you don't have to just make paper cranes. You can make pictures and banners and such for us. Please feel free to help out however you want.  SUPPORT THE WRITERS.

End of Story. So, here's a tally of who's sent how many cranes. This does not count those on 9th Wonders (Unless you are a member there). This only counts those in this comunity sending in cranes.

Please support the writers! Help us send 1000 cranes and grant them a wish!
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20 November 2009 @ 07:16 pm
Alright. This LiveJournal community is inspired by the group on 9th Wonder's forums called "1000 Cranes for Heroes". Our goal is to make 1000 cranes and mail them to the Writers Guild of America, in support of the writers that are currently on strike. The leader of this group is Kitty on 9th Wonders. I'm only here to spread the word even more through other places besides just witing 9th Wonders.

Because we need you.

Without other Heroes fans contributing, this wil be pointless. Just because 9th Wonders is talking about it doesn't mean you have to be a member there to help. We can get all the help that's willing to lend a hand. The point is, as I said, to make paper cranes and mail them off to the WGA. You send them yourself as many as you can, with the generic letter and a personal letter if you'd like. Please don't go all ranting on them. (No really. Please don't. We don't want you to do that. Say "Go writers!" And be happy and optomistic for them. Yus.)

See following posts and stuff for full details. And stuff.

And thanks to Hiro Nakamura for time traveling this post. *laughs*  
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14 June 2008 @ 07:09 pm

Because the first post only explains our mission, here's what Kitty from 9th Wonders says in the topic. Links will work without a 9th Wonders account.

Today [November 05 2007] an unofficial foundation was started on the thread titled Season 2 Ending Early? (Urgent!)-Writers Strike!
Its called "1000 cranes for Heroes," and our goal is to fold 1000 cranes all together and send them to the WGA.
This is NOT to attempt to bring back the full length season. Instead, this is about supporting our writers and showing the WGA and the writers how important this show is to us.

Please send your cranes to this address:
Writers Guild of America-West
7000 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

you can also send in a personal letter, but please make sure this letter is in there.

Those who would like to participate, please post that you would like to. You will be added to the list. This is a list of those participating. I am going to use it to count how many cranes people have done, and who has done what for this project. DO NOT SIGN UP UNLESS YOU INTEND TO HELP! thank you! Everyone can do something to help. While our goal is to fold cranes, you can also write letters and send it to the above address. You can also help spread this news around. Or you can help make avatars and signatures and banners for this cause [go here]

Original Post Here.

And Some...

If you would like to join in, Please Join the community! Post pictures of your cranes, post whatever. Support our Writers, and make lots of cranes! Spread the word~! We all can be heroes to sombody. Just without the super powers.

And I'm sorry, but I'm gonna get geeky on you all... (And I think somone may have already said it but...)

"Save the Writers, Save the Show"
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